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Cooling Tee Neon Yellow

Cooling Tee Neon Yellow

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It's a cooling tee that comes with a patented functional cooling fabric. There were similar products in the market. It's a stretchy material and it should be a tight fit. 

Speaking of the differences with other cooling fabrics,

- Products that you need to wet to cool, you know humidity on dog’s hair and skin is bad for your dog.  But you get those outfits that need to wet to cool down your dog. What's wrong with this? Well, wearing wet clothes affects your pup’s skin. When your dog wears the damped outfit, it will help cooling down for a little while. But it will stop working when the water dries up.This is like you wearing a wet hat over your head.  

- Products that you put in the refrigerator/freezer - Outfits that you put in the fridge gets cold and when your pup wears it, it helps to cool down. But it’s an instant coldness that goes away as fast as it got cold. When you put those clothes on your dog, the temperature of the outfit becomes room temperature again.In fact, it does not have any special features like cooling down or keeping your dog cool.

- Almost all the functional fabrics on the market have nothing to do with coldness. It’s all a  temporary coldness your dog feels. This patented cooling tank is different from the beginning. The functionality of the fabric dries fast absorbing any moisture from your dog’s skin. It helps cool down the body temperature. Please see the results (picture) for the temperature change experiment data from a certified facility in Korea.


S 8" 11.5" 8.5"
M 9.5" 13.5" 9.5"
L 11" 16.5" 12"
XL 13" 19" 14"
2XL 14" 22.5" 17.5"
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