While being home during social distancing, I've been doing a lot of cooking for my family so I wanted to make healthy treats for my dogs as well. I thought about something we can share together and enjoy. We all know blueberries are good for our fur babies as well as kabocha (squash) so I decided to make blueberry muffin for us. After I finished making the muffins, my son wanted to try and ate most of it! Hope you enjoy it as much as your dog.

  • Ingredients and prep.

These are easy to find ingredients, you can find the kabocha in any market. I used haft of the kabocha, 2 eggs and blueberries (you can add more or less)


Microwave the kabocha for 2-5 minutes, depending on it's size. This is to make the kabocha easier to cut.


Take the kabocha and let it cool before cutting. Once it's cooled, cut and remove the seeds with a spoon.


Wet a paper towel and cover the kabocha. We will microwave the kabocha again for 5 minutes or until the inside is soft. 

While the kabocha is cooking, separate the yolk and the white.

Remove the kabocha and let it cool, once it's cooled down we will scrape the inside with a spoon. Put it to the side in a bowl.

We will make meringue, beat the egg white with a beater until it's stiff.

Now we will add the yolk to the kabocha puree and mix until it's combined.

Add the mixture to the meringue and mix well until combined and add the blueberries.

Baking the muffin.

There are 2 ways for making the muffins.

You can add it to a small microwave safe container and microwave it for 2 minutes. Please make sure to cover with a wrap and poke holes. Once it's done let it cool.

You can also use conventional oven by pre-heating the oven at 370 degrees. Line a muffin pan with muffin paper cups. Add the mixture and bake for about 15 minutes.

Personally, I liked the muffins that were baked in the oven because they were softer. Enjoy!

Everybody loved the blueberry muffins! Yay!